Chrome Featured Google Chrome

Chrome Guest Mode vs Incognito: How Do They Differ?

Google Chrome is indeed the most popular browser in the world, thanks to the slew of features it has on offer. For starters, it gets three different browsing modes, including normal, guest, and incognito. While the normal mode is self-explanatory, the other two can be confusing at times. Therefore, in this article, let’s compare Google Chrome’s Guest Mode and Incognito mode in detail to know the exact differences. Google Chrome: Guest Mode vs Incognito Mode Both the guest and incognito mode are temporary browsing modes and hence may seem very…

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Android 10 Featured Realme UI

Realme UI Based on Android 10 Unveiled: New Features, Launch Road-map & More

Realme has finally unveiled the RealmeUI which is going to power their current and upcoming smartphones. The new user interface is based on the recently released ColorOS 7 which was already known before. Realme announced that the Realme UI will be more stock Android for a smoother experience and performance. It will be based on the latest Android 10 Q so the users will get the sweetness of the latest Android features. Realme UI “Seamless Fun” Realme UI is coming with a lot of new visual improvements in certain areas…

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Android 10 Asus ZenFone 5Z Featured

ASUS Zenfone 5Z Android 10 Update: New Features, Change in UI & Performance

Asus has released the Android 10 update for its flagship smartphones and Zenfone 5Z is one of those smartphones. Asus has kept the new interface as vanilla as possible, its still ZenUI but the user interface is pure stock Android. Asus removed some of the unuseful apps and features which no one (including me) been using. User Interface Asus ZenUI 6 update is based on Android 10 and as I mentioned before, it comes with a stock Android user interface. The launcher is a bit ZenUI-ish but other than that;…

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Asus Featured ROG Phone 2

Asus ROG Phone 2: A Gaming Phone Built to Last

Asus ROG Phone 2 is a breakthrough in gaming smartphones in 2019 and is the best gaming smartphone out there. Asus has not just crammed some high-end hardware in a smartphone and call it a day. There are some in-depth customizations done by Asus, which makes it a true gaming smartphone. Here, we are going back and take a good look at this future proof phone from Asus. Built Like a Tank, Literally! The ROG Phone 2 from Asus comes with a very aggressive design and robust build quality. The…

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Featured Galaxy Tab S6 Samsung

5 Reasons Why Galaxy Tab S6 is a Real Tablet and PC

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a great tablet from Samsung, you get the flagship-level hardware and software experience. If you were looking for this type of device for long but still skeptical about buying it. Then let us tell you about five things about the Galaxy Tab S6 which makes it a productive 2-in-1 tablet. S-Pen S-Pen is the best thing about Samsung’s flagship tablets like the Galaxy Tab S6. This is not the regular S-Pen from the Galaxy Note smartphone, Samsung redesigned the whole thing from inside out. The…

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airpodds Featured Humidifier Mi Night Light Smart Dustbin

5 Smart Gadgets of 2019 | Are These Still Worth Buying in 2020?

A new year is here and if you want to gift yourself something and a wide variety of categories confusing you then let us help. Smart gadgets are something that everyone wants in their life but the price tag sometimes keeps you from buying them. Here we have five gadgets which you can buy without leaving you penniless. Humidifier A humidifier is a gadget you should use in your home in winters. It seems like a simple gadget but it does a lot more than just creating water mist. It…

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